Louise Beamish


louise beamish

You're in safe hands

Here are just a few comments from happy customers...!   


"Spectacular - well done the ‘sorceress’ … unbelievable transformation"


"Your enthusiasm and inspiration was endless!"


"That was a wonderful party, really fantastic. Everyone enjoyed themselves and every element was completely perfect. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


"I have a 100 letters swooning about the party – and organisation -…we really cannot thank you enough.."


"It went like a dream -absolutely sensational, and the two magicians were fabulous."


"...wonderful support and help - you really are fabulous! It was pure heaven for me and a triumph for you. Thank you for being Super Woman!"


"...the most amazing fun - what a party! Never to be forgotten!!"


"You made it all happen" : "Unbelievably stunning" : "Incredible party" : "Hard act to follow" : "...the runaway success that it was.."


"What a truly fantastic job you did for us"

"Such a memorable evening"


‘the best 21st and the best wedding’ – quite an accolade ... Recommending you to everyone…"


"What a party, what a night! "

"The ‘wow’ factor"


"The marquee was totally breathtaking"


"Summery and elegant "


"Thank you .. outstanding support"


"Wonderful support & help – you really are fabulous!"


"Where do we start -… a wedding that dreams are made of …"


"What a party – never to be forgotton"


"The WOW factor was certainly sky high … thank you for being super woman …"


"I can safely say (and this has been confirmed in all our thank you letters) that it was the best party I've ever been too!"


"Thank you for such a great party - didn’t think you would be able to improve on last year's party, but you did"


"Thank you for your huge contribution in making our wedding day so special .... just lovely....atmosphere fantastic"